Dogz Of Zeus BIO 2021

Dogz of Zeus is New York City’s finest and most honest hard rock band the city has seen in decades. This group of four has been through good times and bad times. The band has a wide range of talent, demonstrated through varied styles reminiscent of Aerosmith, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. After their initial release in 2011, the self titled “Dogz of Zeus” LP, the band broke up, went through several different lineups and in November of 2014 reconvened in producer Jamey Staub’s garage/studio - The Astoria Lounge - to make history once again. With the release of the concept album “Stone Gospel” in 2015, the band had a successful run of shows in New York City performing at venues such as Arlene’s Grocery and Blackthorn 51 (where they blew headlining act Joe Lynn Turner off the stage.) In 2017, they started recording their third and final album “Full Spectrum” with producer Jamey Staub. The album will be released through Jamey Staub‘s boutique record label - Perimeter Records, in late 2021. The album is a ten song masterpiece that takes the listener on a journey through time and space where music and history collide in an infinite loop of extreme sounds and thought processes. The band consists of four driven individuals who give every ounce of energy to relay their belief in the word they are spreading... Tyler Land, Anthony Roina, Eddie Shiffler and Dustin Smith.

Anthony Roina

Anthony plays Guitar. Lead guitarist Tony Roina delivers the goods from many different places and through a variety of influences, some of which include his heroes Jimmy Page, Dickie Betts, David Gilmour, his Mediterranean heritage, and his mission to help bring rock back to the forefront, where it belongs. A loyal Gibson Les Paul player (pre-1982 modified), Anthony is all about bridging a classic sound with a fresh twist. Blues, metal, punk, southern rock, ethnically-inspired instrumentals - there's a little something for everyone in his compositions.

Eddie Shiffler

Eddie Sings. Lead Singer and Lyricist, Eddie Shiffler is an energetic frontman who draws from the vocal influences of Ozzy, Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey and Steven Tyler. His dynamic performances consistently captivate audiences, while his tongue in cheek antics often draw a few bizarre comic relief moments amid the relentless hard rock onslaught of the band. Lyrically, Shiffler focuses on the link between the ancient mysteries and modern politics.

Tyler Land

Tyler plays Drums. Tyler is a veteran who has played every style in too many places. He pays homage to the old school drummers like Krupa, Bonham and the pulse of Motown and R&B. He is a rock steady groove master with powerful fills. Tyler also is very particular about which snare drum out of his large collection to use for each purpose. He likes Ludwig LM402 Supraphonic, Craviotto Maple and Dunnit Stainless Steel. His cymbals are 60’s “A” Zildian and Paiste 2002. He holds the action unfolding in front of him together.

Dustin Smith

Dustin plays Bass. Dustin Smith holds down DoZ’s bottom end while driving the music forward. Drawing from his heroes John Paul Jones, Gene Simmons and John Entwistle, he deepens the band’s already insane groove. To play with such a weathered group of musicians, Dustin needs the proper gear. He prefers to use either his 1975 Fender Jazz Bass, 1974 Gibson Grabber or his 1977 Alembic Series One Bass. His Amplifier of choice is Acoustic Heads and Cabinets. The man can rock like a Dog.